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"Capturing you and your family is an honor, I look forward to creating images as unique as you are!" 


Hey ya'll! 

You found me, awesome! I'm Amber, Minnesota portrait photographer. 

I shot my first canon ae-1 when I was in 3rd grade and have been addicted to creating a fresh perspective using light and color ever since. People and the connection they share inspires me, LOVE inspires me. Portrait photography is where these two passions meet. I'm honored to get to know you and photograph the connections you have in your life, the biggest celebrations, the quiet moments, and all that fun mushy stuff in between! 

During portrait sessions keeping the vibes relaxed and fun is an essential part of getting awesome portraits. Educating my clients on how to prepare for their session or wedding day is important to me, as an experienced photographer I know what to expect, and sharing this knowledge helps my clients have piece of mind during the anticipation of their session or wedding day. Kids can cry, bridesmaids can be late, but as a professional… I pride myself on being a killer problem solver. My magic powers?.. staying calm. Having a shared enjoyable experience is important to me, and I will tell as many “dad jokes” that I need to in order to get that natural smile. <3

In my free time I enjoy hanging out with my husband, being goofy with our two children, sewing and reading classics.







Frequently asked questions


How did you get into portrait photography? ....and how did you come up with the name Lemon Peel Photography? 

Photography for me started with my dad and my grandma. My grandma had a large collection of scrapbooks, photo albums, and loved to be behind the camera. Taking everyday photographs of her own travels far and wide, and in later years of the flowers she grew and the granddaughters she often cared for. My dad picked up the tradition and operated a canon Ae-1, and enjoyed developing his own work in his make-shift darkrooms. Photography has always been a part of my life, a family tradition. My darkroom was at RITZ camera where I worked after high-school, finding ways to manipulate the machine made for snapshots to create large white borders, and funky contrasting colors. Countless rolls of trial and error, perfecting the craft of film photography. I would photograph sub-cultures, concerts, my friends, moods, abstract ideas, motion, my cat. 

Falling in love is what made me a portrait photographer. Love is magical, intoxicating, and the connection it creates ...untouchable. When you love someone you see things about the other person others may not, pay attention to their little quirks and habits, total adoration. I started to look deeper at the people around me, the connections they shared, how they expressed their love for one another. I found myself wanting to grab every couple off the street and photograph them, ask them what they love about each other, how they met.... then it dawned on me (after WAY too long), this is already a thing, Portrait photography! I rolled up my sleeves and got to work. The beginning was tough, and competitive, but the determination and assurance I felt could not be shook. My aunt Kathy said to me in so many words...Amber, you could make lemonade out of lemon peels, go for it! So, I'm going for it... and continue to be just as inspired 10 years later. 


How do I get in touch with Amber for photography services?

Email is the very best way to get in touch:! 


How does payment work?

Once your session date, location and time have been confirmed you are emailed an invoice. Paying this invoice confirms your session and is due at the time of booking (when invoice is sent). 






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